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The Nehemiah Challenge


Rebuilding the WallFamily by Family


We believe Jesus wants to rebuild a wall of  righteousness around our broken world, family by family, just like He did in Nehemiah 3. That’s why we are asking people to covenant together to pray 15 minutes a day for 52 days for their families; for salvation and sanctification. As we pray together, we know that Jesus will come meet us, even around our dinner tables. He can change our cities, our nation, and our world—family by family.


In the book of Nehemiah we read that God raised up one man, Nehemiah, to challenge the Jewish remnant in Palestine to rebuild the wall surrounding the city of Jerusalem.  The wall had lain in rubble for 140 years waiting; when Nehemiah presented the need, forty-two families responded to help in the reconstruction of the wall. Within 52 days the walls were rebuilt and the gates restored in spite of intense internal and external opposition!  There was no other explanation but God. The key to the success of such a daunting venture in the lives of the builders was prayer and perseverance.

We look forward to Jesus calling people around the world to commit to 52 days of prayer. We don’t know all Jesus wants to do but we do know Jesus would love to come and rebuild, raise up, and restore the desolation of the generations (Isaiah 61:4). He is just longing to be asked!

When the wall was rebuilt so quickly in Nehemiah’s day after laying in rubble for 140 years, we read in Nehemiah 6:15-16, "The wall was 52 happened when all our enemies heard of it and the nations around us saw these things...they perceived that this work was done by God.”

How wonderful to be a part of praying together for revival and reformation in our world; beginning with God rebuilding the wall of righteousness within our families, so that in the end there is no other explanation but God.



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