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A Heart of Welcome

A Heart of Welcome
Laurie Rambo

In week 2 of Titus Women’s Zoom Bible study, Katy Beth Searls really got into some of the nitty-gritty of what it means to live in Jesus. As she shared from the story of Martha and Mary (Luke 10:38-42), the principles drawn from the Scripture convicted me and challenged me.
Have you ever felt like Martha? Company is coming and you are just overwhelmed with getting everything perfect. Or maybe you just feel frazzled after a long day and a million distractions make it seem impossible to get dinner on the table. And you feel like you are the ONLY one who EVER does ANYTHING. I will be the first to confess struggling with those feelings! Instead of banging pots and pans around in the kitchen and being short-tempered (which I also confess to), Martha went straight to Jesus with her complaint, asking Him to do something about Mary. Instead of telling Mary to get in the kitchen and help, He called Martha by name and spoke to her heart, reminding her the He is the one thing needed.
When we are overwhelmed and distracted we need to go straight to Jesus with our complaint so that He can give us Himself, teach us how to center ourselves in His presence. We can choose the “better part,” by focusing our hearts in His presence as we do all that is ours to do. When our heart is His home and our homes are filled with His presence, He overcomes the worrisome distractions.

Katy Beth pointed out another thing in this story of two sisters which continues in John 12. It was a new insight into this story for me. Mary would not have been able to sit at Jesus’ feet and learn from Him or pour out her love, anointing Him before death, if Martha had not opened her home to welcome Him. Just as Mary’s perfume filled the air, Jesus’ presence filled that house because He was welcomed in. This brings up some hard questions. Are we truly present with those in our homes, or distracted and not actually connecting with those around us? Are we worried and distracted with “entertaining”? Do we welcome those who are physically in our homes as if we were welcoming the Lord Himself? Will people know the presence of Jesus because they have been welcomed into our homes? Who are we welcoming in so they can sit at Jesus’ feet?  
Most importantly, are we inviting God, the Father, Son, and Spirit,  to dwell with us in all the rooms of our hearts and homes? The Holy Trinity wants to dwell with us.God created us to dwell with Him, in the garden, in our homes, and in every aspect of our transformed lives. Is He welcome?
As you spend time in prayer this week, would you pray for those from Afghanistan and other places around the world who have had to flee their physical dwelling place? Ask Jesus to bring people into their lives who can provide places to live and point them to Jesus who longs to be their true dwelling place.