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A Mountain That Needs To Go

A Mountain that Needs to Go

Jesus answered and said unto them, ‘Verily I say unto you, if you have faith, and doubt not, ye
shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain. Be
thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done. (Matt 21:21)

“This mountain.” What mountain? What does “this mountain” mean to me today? I have been
thinking of this, and several mountains seem to me to be in much need of removal. Oh, to see
them cast into the sea, to see them sink like stones there and never reappear! Sometimes our
mountains seem to be removed. “Be thou removed,” we said in earnest prayer, together or
alone, and they did indeed appear to be transported bodily and to fall with a glorious splash into
the sea. And then it was as though they were made of cork or some such substance, for we
had no sooner rejoiced over their disappearance than they reappeared as solid as ever and sat
down where they were before.

“Ye have need of patience, that after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the
promise” (Heb 10:36). The will of God most clearly is prayer and continuance in prayer. (There
would be no need of continuance or of patience if mountains had not this habit of reappearing.)

“God give it to us always to “pray and never lose heart” (Luke 13:1, Weym).

“Cast not away therefore your confidence, which has great recompense of reward” (Heb 10:35).
Amy Carmichael, Edges of His Ways. September 11. (CLC Publications, 1955)