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A Seven Day Prayer Cycle

A Seven Day Prayer Cycle

To avoid the “God bless the missionary” syndrome we can use this seven-day prayer cycle to help direct our prayers for those on the front lines in far away places.  Use current information from prayer letters, and requests to enhance your opportunity to make a difference in the spread of the Gospel throughout the world.



The Home- Ask that it be a haven for the family and a model for national Christians and unbelievers.  Remember the children coping with second culture customs, sometimes separated from the family.  All ages are plagued with loneliness.  Singles in particular are without their closest family ties.



Relationships- Pray they would keep spiritually vibrant, developing a deeper love for God as they grow in their relationship with Him.  Pray that they would make Bible study and prayer a priority in their very busy schedule.  Ask that they have a genuine love for others, both nationals and fellow missionaries.



Health and Safety- Health concerns are often very different and require precautions.  Often their ministry requires frequent travel that poses peril.  Intercede on their behalf regarding danger due to political situations.



Communication- Ask for Divine help in cross-cultural communication.  Pray for wisdom and insight in all cross-cultural dealings.  Pray also for receptive hearts in those the Lord brings into the missionary’s life and a boldness for the missionary to proclaim the truth.



Holy Spirit’s Empowering- Pray for an abundance of the fruits of the Holy Spirit to be demonstrated in the missionary.  Pray that they will experience the Power of the Holy Spirit in hardships and temptations, and for deliverance from discouragements and depression.



Practical Provision- Pray that the Lord would provide all the materials and finances necessary for the missionary.  Pray that God’s people would hear and obey His call to give.



Revival- Pray for revival in their lives, ministries, and nation.  Include the political situation of the country and the government leaders as well as the national church.

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