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Back 2 Back Prayer

Back 2 Back Prayer was inspired by the story of two missionary brothers in Africa who needed to stand back-to-back in defense against a lion attack. As we read Scripture, we see that Jesus sent His disciples out two by two. Matthew also reminds us that "where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." None of us were meant to do life alone. Praying "back-to-back" simply means praying in pairs, helping defend each other.

Back 2 Back prayer partners pray together on a daily or weekly basis, asking Jesus to come and meet the pressing needs in their personal lives, families, and ministries. Find a friend who is willing to commit to praying together with you on a regular basis. We have seen lives changed because of this type of prayer!


If you need help in finding a prayer partner Deb Tomlian would be happy to help you!

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