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Christ's Bid for Decision

Christ’s Bid for Decision – A Call for our Nation

At the heart of Christianity is a demand for decision. The Bible is the story of God’s
demand for commitment from human persons. Perhaps the most significant characteristics of
both our existence and His nature is this demand for decision. It is this aspect of life which calls
for choosing, presupposing man’s freedom to choose, which reveals the probationary nature of
our time here. We are deciding for eternity.

The entire ministry of Jesus is a bid for commitment. From the first Jesus said, “Repent
for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand,” (Matt 4:17). His ministry is a call for faith. Every
message, every miracle, every contract is to bring people to a commitment to faith. The water
turned into wine, the woman at the well, the feeding of the 5,000, the command to eat his flesh -
all are intended to force his listeners to a decision about who Jesus is.

Interesting the reception of God’s bid for humans’ heart and faith. The poor heard him
gladly, the King was afraid. Religious leaders rebelled, and they countered His bid. They made
excuses and began to look for places to accuse Him. They accused his disciples of eating corn
from the fields on the Sabbath. Jesus reminds them of David. They accuse him of not keeping
the Sabbath when he heals a man with a withered hand. They yell. Jesus declares there are two
grounds for breaking the Sabbath. 1) Necessity 2) Mercy.

The attitudes of the religious leaders indicate that they do not accept his demand for
commitment. They accuse him of being in league with the devil, declaring that is the only way
He could have power to do the miracles He does. They ask to see a sign. They are not
convinced by the evidence that Jesus has offered, and so they demand a sign. Jesus declares that
they have seen enough. An honest agnostic is one thing, but a person who refuses to choose
when evidence is before him is another.

Jesus reminds them who He is. He is greater than the temple. He is the presence in the
Temple. He is Lord of the Sabbath, Greater than Jonah and greater than Solomon. Only the true
Son of David, the Messiah Himself, could qualify as all these things. “What manner of man is
this that even the wind and sea obey Him?” Then, they said, “Is this the Son of David?” His life
was spotless. Jesus lets them know that they have seen enough to decide.