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The Crystal Glass

As we were ushered around the table, the ladies filled the room with laughter. It had been a while since we were all together. Coming from different states, the excitement and joy warmed our hearts. There is nothing like Jesus friends.  As I went to sit down, I realized, I didn't have a glass. So, I slipped into the host’s kitchen and poured myself a glass of water.  A few minutes into the meal, the host tapped the top of my glass.  Looking at her she stated, "This will not do." Off she went to retrieve some water in a crystal glass to match those around me. 


I did not mind the water in a kitchen glass, but to my host, she desired something more beautiful, and it mattered to her.  Her kindness to that little detail that day made me feel special. 


Christ, too, is concerned about the details in our lives.  He loves to give love gifts or “red roses” as one of our Titus friends calls them.  We do not deserve His love gifts, but He loves us so much and gives us such kindness and grace, often in unexpected way through unexpected people. Accept Christ's kindness and feel His love through others today! Be on the watch for His special love gifts to your heart.  I believe one of the greatest joys for Christ is to know we love Him, and we feel loved by Him.  


I heard it once said, "If someone comes to your home and you really are not expecting them, offer them a cold glass of water.  They will not remember the messy house or the kids crying.  They will remember your hospitality."


In ministry, you will often be the host and you will often be the guest. Look for those moments to serve kindness and rejoice in the moments you receive it.  Both are a blessing.



“And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded.”

Matthew 10:42