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Eyes of Jesus

Having the Eyes of Jesus

"It's a bummer when people get in the way of your ministry."

Have you ever woken up and had a check list of things you wanted to get done? Devotions, check.

Prayer call, check.

Clean house, check.

Do laundry, check.

Bible Study, check.

Visit friend, check.

check, check, check ....

Somewhere in the middle of my list, come all the interruptions:  "Hey, can you go to school and pick up my child until I get home?"

"Hey honey, I invited Pete and his family for supper."

"Mom, I forgot to ask you, 'I'm going with the youth group tonight and I'm supposed to bring some snacks.’”  

This doesn't just happen in ministry. The scenarios may differ, but interruptions happen in the life of every woman.  The drive to get things done is difficult to set aside. Ministry calls us to the task of helping people.  "Blessed are the flexible for they will never be bent out of shape."

Accomplishing our check list is important and often leads to the means of helping others. However, the interruptions He allows are often an opportunity to share the love of Jesus with others. Let’s ask Jesus to give us His eyes and His heart to see others as He sees them.  

By A Titus Woman