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Holiness and Time

Holiness & Time

Like a continuing horizon, Biblical time is linear.  From a definite beginning, time continues until a definite end of all temporal life.   Outside of this line of time, another life exists.  Indeed, the fountain of life, God Himself, encompasses the temporal reality that humans know as time.   The line of time is in God!  He is “lineless” as it were.  Imagine a large circle representing God.  Inside the circle, imagine a straight-line representing time that does not touch the circle at any point. The line is within the circle in the same way that human time is within God’s own life.   God knows no beginning and no end.   Jesus reiterated the truth of Exodus 3:17, when He stated to the Pharisees in Mark, “Before Abraham was, I AM.”   Out of His eternal life, all other life comes.   The eternal Son is not in our line of time, our line of time is in Him.   All things are in Him (Colossians 1:17).  In philosophical terms, we might say being is within Being.

Eternity, the word we use to describe God’s reality, has intersected with time.   In this meeting, time is fulfilled, and an openness and reciprocity is possible between heaven and earth.  This openness was designed to exist between eternity and time, between God and man from the beginning of creation.   Galatians 4:4 describes time’s relationship with God, “But when the fullness of time came, God sent forth His Son.”   Mark 1:15 reiterates this idea of fullness of time, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.”  When the fountain of life pours into human temporal life, life in time finds its true meaning and fulfillment. 

God works within the timeline to accomplish His purposes and to make Himself known.  Therefore prophecy, human history, and science come into existence.   None of these can be understood apart from their relatedness to the larger circle of God’s life.

If the line of time is within God, we can turn to Him and find our own identity. When we open the door to Him, He is the way for us, and all our fulfillment comes in finding God.  If the line of time is within God, and He is fully outside of it, then life is always More!   In Him, we always find More life.  In time we have limits, but in Him we only have More! If the line of time is within God, there is no presence and absence.   We are always present with Him.  He is always present to us because He encompasses us. If the line of time is within God, no particulars or universals exist.   We are in God.  Real life in Eternal life. 

On the line of time, in order to make a gain, we must experience a loss.  To make money, we sell something.  We leave here in order to go there.  But this fallen world is a lie.  In God, we only have more.  No loss, no leaving, no ending.  We are a particular program in God’s life, and Genesis 1 and 2 describes this life within Life, this being within Being for us.    For us, time means separation.  In God, there is only addition. Before the beginning and after the end, you are in Him!!!   Holiness adds!   We are made to live this life of reciprocity, receiving His life and finding our life in Him.   Like a baby with her mother, we look to Him to find our way forward.  


Our joy, our understanding, our nourishment, our life comes from His face and from His hand.

Dennis Kinlaw --Chapel Message