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Host an Event

It’s so exciting to share Jesus with women and encourage them in their daily walk with God. Hosting a Titus Women’s event in your area is a wonderful opportunity to connect women together to hear the Word, spend time in prayer, grow spiritually, worship through music, obtain amazing resources, and bond with other women. We believe the most crucial step to having an effective event is PRAYER! Before planning anything, seek the Lord’s direction and guidance.


We can assist you with the logistics of your event by providing the following:

  • Prayer guidance

  • Speakers

  • Resources

God has something special for every lady that will attend. Pray and rely on God to come and work in the hearts of your women in very special and powerful ways.


Titus Women’s longing is to let women around the world discover the joy of knowing Jesus Christ personally and to experience the joy of living daily in the fullness of His Holy Spirit.

If you’re interested in hosting a retreat in your area, contact or call Amy at 859-858-4222 to get started.

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