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It's Only a Dandelion

                     I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13


                                                             It's Only a Dandelion


“That looks like a buttercup”. Walking to take a look I saw a tall flower with yellow on its head.

“Oh, it's only a dandelion,” I said.


                                                                It stood tall though.


Near it was a lone weed with a bud ready to blossom. It was a dandelion, too.


                                                                It stood tall as it grew.



Looking around not far away was a dandelion that had seen better days. It's hair was white, waiting for wind to scatter its seeds. A tribute to itself, spreading what it had been.


                                      Standing straight and tall, it was waiting for its seeds to fall.


Then among the family of dandelions that day stood one whose hair had already been blown away.

   It, too, stood tall, just being its best as it lived amongst the grass, teaching this observer a lesson.


Each dandelion had their purpose and place. They spoke silently reminding me God has a purpose and a place for us all.


                                        Age matters not. In our hearts and minds we can stand tall.




©2018Janice McCament

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