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No Charge Today

No Charge Today


We had given our lunch order and we were standing in front of the cashier, my husband, 2 young guests and myself. We were quite chatty for we had not seen our visitors in some time. They had had a terrific loss in their family, we were eager to follow up with them and see how Jesus was working in their lives and their home.  When we heard the cashier say, “There will be no charge today.”


My husband, a little confused by the comment, said, “What did you say?”


The cashier said it again, “There will be no charge today. Nate, in the back told me through my headphones, not to charge you.”


My husband looked at me, “Who’s Nate?”


“I don’t know.”


Looking at our guests, he asked. “Do you guys know Nate?”




We did not know Nate, but we were grateful for his kindness and for a free lunch.  What Nate did not know, it was my husband’s birthday.  When we arrived home, my husband shared that a wave of joy swept over him in the restaurant. He said, “I know it may seem like a small matter, but when that guy gave us a free dinner today, Jesus seemed to say to my heart, “I see you!””


Sometimes kindness costs, and sometimes it is free. Sometimes it is taken for granted and sometimes we are surprised by it. Sometimes it is expected and sometimes it is a gift. No matter the circumstance or situation, being kind gives Jesus opportunity to speak His Truth into the heart of another.


Titus 3:4

When God our Savior revealed his kindness and love, he saved us, not because of the righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy.