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Pushed Into the Future

Pushed Into God’s Future

Have you kept alive in your life those events and relationships of the past that will push you into the future that God himself wants for you?  The reality is that any other future will be sterile in its ultimate influence.  Do some of those experiences and relationships need to be burnished and quickened?   And what about the future?  Have you chosen a future that is pulling you with a force that can make possible the purposes for which God made you and called you?

Perhaps the greatest witness to this truth is the ritual of Holy Communion, the Lord’s Supper.  It speaks to us of the past.  It is intended to be a moment of recapitulation in which the redemptive work which Christ did for us on the Cross comes alive afresh in our inner beings.  It also speaks of a future.  In the giving of his very life to us to live within us, it is not for the moment.  It is intended to be a preparation and an empowerment to bring the very life of the Kingdom yet to come into us and into our contexts.  If that Kingdom is God’s work and not ours, and prayer is what Jesus said it is, one can never get too old, too feeble, or too weak, if he or she is still conscious, without being able to claim a future that can strengthen our spirits and hallow our days.  We are creatures of more than the moment.  We should live that way.


Dennis Kinlaw – Alumni Weekend, Asbury College