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Remember Jesus

Remember Jesus…

When the day comes and people push you toward a goal you believe is good, remember Jesus.  The work is not your master; he is. The goal must be his goal, achieved in his way.  The timing must be his.  And you must be wholly his.  Do not be owned by the goals of service but by the Master alone.

Leaders, followers, and systems can all easily deceive us, whether they are secular or part of Christendom.  But people and systems are both known by their fruit.  Many have been deceived by trees that appeared full of the promise of life and were not.  Hold close the truth that good fruit is always produced by those who bear the likeness of Christ.  That fruit is the character fruit of the Spirit in our lives.  It is not found in our gifts, though they are certainly given by God.


Paul says that we can speak with an angel’s tongue, understand theological mysteries, and give money to the poor and yet not look like our Lord in character.  Oration, knowledge, brilliance, and philanthropy are not fruit born of the Spirit in our lives.  Do not become a counterfeit or be duped by one. Follow hard after Christ, not after Christendom, with its allure and promises.  Christendom is not Jesus Christ.  Seek for him to be the culture in which you live and move and have your being.

From Redeeming Power Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church.  Diane Langberg, Brozos Press, 2020, pp 157-158.