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Saying Good bye


We are women who know the joy of the Spirit-filled life. We live and abide in the 

love of Jesus, trusting that He is enough to meet every need and satisfy every heart.


A Message from Cricket Albertson

Saying Goodbye is normal for my family; with two missionary families, we seem to always be saying goodbye to someone for a very long time.  We have learned how to endure and even enjoy that last week together before the airport departure.  We know how to pack and weigh bags, dash out for last-minute supplies, grab moments with the nieces and nephews, and make cousin pyramids in the backyard. We know about airport runs, airport waits, airport prayers, and those last-minute airport conversations right before the airport tears come.  We know how to stand by the window in the airport and watch our loved ones walk through security, gather bags, and then turn around and wave.  We know how to stand by the window until we can no longer see their feet on the escalator. We know how to walk out of the airport with tears streaming down our faces, holding hands with those left behind, feeling our hearts open again for the world that Jesus loves and died to save.  This past week we said goodbye to our family that lives in Africa. 

Here is one thing that I know…their decision to follow Jesus to Africa involves all of us left behind.  Our hearts grow as we pray for them and for those with whom they work.  Our prayers go with them as they face a changing world during new terror threats and threats of disease. As individuals, we are created in webs of relationships, and those webs form the context of our lives.  We are responsible to love, to hold on, to pray, to believe, to trust on behalf of another.  Something redemptive happens when that “bearing” takes place; the Spirit of Jesus has an opportunity to enter our own lives and homes and into the lives of those we have never even met. 

Your webs of relationships may be close, and not all around the world. God cares about everyone in every location, and He is asking us to be part of “bearing” those He has given to us. In days of crisis, let us be on the watch for the moments that we can come alongside those in our “webs” so that their load is lightened, their ropes are held, and their heart is strengthened for the battles they have before them.

As Kabul explodes we also need to be aware of the web of relationship that spans the globe. Each one in the midst of the chaos, Muslim, Christian or atheist, American or Afghan, Is one Jesus loves. He gave His life for them, just as He did for us. And so we must bear them in prayer during these tragic days. Ask Jesus today, and each day that this tragedy unfolds, how to pray and let His Holy Spirit teach you how to pray in these days.

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