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Sitting on the Bench

Sitting on the Bench
Kim Ball

My son played soccer in middle school, and I loved watching him not just in the game but on the bench.

Some kids would sit with their jackets on, eating snacks, slouched, and tuned-out while the ball was kicked up and down the field. Carter would sit on the edge of his seat intently watching every play. When the coach told him to go warm up, he excitedly jumped up and started doing sprints behind the bench and stretching out. He almost couldn’t stay still until the coach told him it was his turn to get in the game. But he didn’t just run onto the field. He stayed close to the coach to hear what position he was to play.  I would watch him with his eyes on the ball but listening to his coach. When he was fatigued or the coach needed to substitute in a different player, Carter would run off the field and resume his active waiting on the bench.  

I have learned a lot about being ready for God’s service by watching my son. I need to be attentive and ready. I need to be alert and watching the “game” and know what’s going on.

I need to not jump up and run in until I have my directions for what God wants me to do. When I am out on the “field” I need to follow the plan set in front of me by my Father. And when He calls me to take a rest break, I should listen and get the rest that He knows I need.


How do you sit on the bench?

Are you watching what’s going on?

Are you ready when God calls you?

Do you wait long enough to hear God’s directions?

When He says it’s time to rest, do you listen? 

Do you want to play? 

Are you listening to His voice?