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The Gifts God Gives

The Gifts God Gives
Laurie Rambo

Work- In one of her sessions during the “Living in Jesus” Bible study, Katy Beth noted that work is a gift given by God before sin entered the world. I cannot imagine how I have read Genesis so many times and missed this key thought. Sin brought pain and weariness to the work, but the work Jesus gives to us is a good gift. As ones who bear His image, we can do what is ours to do “as unto the Lord” so others may see Him clearly. Or we can go about our work, begrudgingly, with grumbling and complaining, tarnishing the reflection of Christ in us. The choice is ours.
The Spirit- One day I overheard this conversation between a parent and one of the grandchildren living in our home at that time. The Parent said to the rebellious little one, “I think you need to check your attitude!” Quick as a wink that little one (who was maybe all of 3 years old) replied, “I checked my attitude and it is BAAAAD!”  How is your attitude towards your work?  Are the fruits of the Spirit evident in the tasks at hand? We have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit who will work to refine us even in the busyness of the daily, if we invite Him in to check our the attitudes of our heart
Rest- To balance the gift of work, God also gave us the gift of the Sabbath; He gave us the example of the Sabbath. It is the rhythm of creation. It is the pattern He began from the beginning of time. It is a pattern of life we are commanded to keep. We are to keep the Sabbath holy, a day set apart, different from all the others. Are we keeping the Sabbath, allowing ourselves to accept this gift of rest from the Father? As these thoughts have rolled around in my heart these past weeks, I’ve wondered if the epidemic of stress and burnout we see in our culture comes from disregarding God’s command and not keeping the Sabbath. In a culture where doing, productivity, and achievement are the prized goals, how do we keep the Sabbath in 2021?
Let’s consider that question this week and ask Jesus, the Lord of the Sabbath, how our Sabbath-keeping reflects His lordship in our lives.