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The Goodness of Creation

This week I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Timothy Tennent, President of Asbury Theological Seminary,
speak in a chapel service, and I also began to read his new book, For the Body. The expanse and wonder
of the Biblical worldview confronted me again with its beauty. I needed to be reminded of these
revolutionary realities.

1. Creation is good; God declared that the work of His hands was good. The world He created and
the human persons within it are created by Him, and He was pleased with His creation.

2. The human person is made in God’s image, and the human body is good. As Christians, we are
not at war with our selves but can receive ourselves (body, mind, and spirit) as a gift from God.

3. God made us for a purpose. We are going somewhere! The future is full of hope because of His
design, His presence, and His purpose in each of our lives. The Christian life is expectant
because we believe that there is a special purpose for each human life; futility and despair are
not the Christian’s story.

4. We find our fulfillment outside of ourselves, and as we give ourselves away to our God, to each
other, and to creative work then we find our own identity and satisfaction. We grow into the
one God made us to be.

We live in a world that, by and large, no longer believes in a God of design and purpose, and yet we
have opportunity to give a living witness of His presence with joy. Today, maybe you need the
reminder, like I did, that God made a good world, and He was pleased with His creation. He created
us in His image, and for each of us, He has a special design and plan. As we listen to His voice and
follow Him, we find our lives unfolding in creative and life-giving ways (although perhaps in
unexpected ways :-). Even the places of drudgery or illness can be transformed by remembering
that He is ordering our way, and He is trustworthy, and He is good!