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Walk in the Light of Love

Walk in the Light of Love

Pause and consider the hidden infrastructures of your life.  If you know Christ, then there is within you a Loving Indweller.  He walks through the rooms of your heart; he knows your points of view.  He listens to your words and thoughts.  He traverses the back alleys of your life where others do not see. He longs for every gate and avenue and closet to be always open. 


He who walks there is the sworn enemy of evil and darkness. He longs not to be barred or hindered by doors you have locked against him. He wants to fill the whole place with himself, his righteousness and infinite love…He wants you to go out into the world and walk as Christ walked….remember that Jesus also walked as one who abides in God.  Walking is not extraordinary. One foot in front of the other.  It doesn’t glitter and awe.  It is commonplace.  It can be boring, repetitive.  But walking as Jesus walked transforms the ordinary. 


The power of a person is found in likeness to Jesus Christ….It is found when a mere person, such as yourself, flings open the corridors and closets of their life so they are full of the light and love of God.  That person, full of living water, will alter any landscape in which they walk.  That person will help fill the earth with God’s glory.

From Redeeming Power Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church.  Diane Langberg, Brozos Press, 2020, pp 169-171