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What's In A Name

What's In a Name?
Thoughts from  Titus Women’s Zoom Bible Study on Zechariah
Laurie Rambo

Within the first three verses of Zechariah, two things are established. First, the Lord establishes who Zechariah is by naming his father and grandfather. God clearly identifies Zechariah through his father’s lineage. It’s interesting to note the meaning of theses names
Zechariah – The Lord Remembers
Berechiah – The Lord Blesses
Iddo – Advance or At A Set Time
The desire of God’s heart us that we find our identity in Him. Do you find your identity in God, your heavenly Father or are you caught in an identity crisis?
God also establishes who He is within the first three verses. Three times in these verses He names Himself as the Lord of Hosts. Counting through the book of Zechariah, I saw 52 times that God calls Himself the Lord of Hosts.  This name can also be translated as the Lord of Heaven’s armies, the Lord Almighty,  and as in a popular song, “The God of Angel Armies.”
This same God, the God of Zechariah, Berechiah, and Iddo, is the same God who remembers us in our circumstances, who blesses us and who acts at the appointed time to accomplish His purposes in us and in the world. He is the God in our midst, regardless of our circumstances, the God who fights for us, and will never leave us or forsake us.
If you are feeling isolated today, in need of comfort, or needing to rebuild your life, make a fresh choice to return to Him. Return to the sovereign, reigning Lord of Hosts, who in His majesty and authority commands Heaven’s armies. Return to the Lord who rules victoriously over all, but calls you the apple of His eye, who cares for you intimately and invites you into a personal relationship with Him.
God who rules the universe wants to overflow your life with His goodness. Will you let Him? Or will you choose your own way, reaping the consequences?